Dolled Up Cupcakes is a pastry boutique specializing in gourmet cupcakes. While the rising company is among a highly competitive sector, they have never compromised the authenticity and quality of their product.

A quick analysis shows us that the competitive brands all compete on the same features; taste and value of offering. While Dolled Up Cupcakes stood strong within the grouping, TAKE-OFF! felt that this was too saturated of a space in which to stand out. Our strategy was to capitalize on the claim of creative and elegant design.

The new identity is not only visually unique amongst its competitors, it speaks to the distinctive quality, elegant design and authenticity that this product delivers. The visual approach included strategic consultation, and a complete overhaul of the visual identity that involved all aspects of the brand; menu, packaging, uniforms, both exterior and interior signage, environmental graphic elements and website.

Corporate Identity
Direct Mail