TAKE-OFF! is an independent company known for using design as a key to making big companies better and smaller companies matter. We build distinctive brand designs that are developed from strategic vision and fueled by creative inspiration with an emphasis on client servicing. In our line of work, we deliver creative brand strategies that include campaigns such as visual identity, packaging design, websites, advertising, marketing collateral, print content along with many unique initiatives to take your company to the next level.   Our passion for design branches from all that we create. We seek to produce work that is beyond just being visually appealing. Our final product is always a result of detailed research, innovation and tactical vision, in order to stimulate the audience and create a compelling brand experience.

We believe that design will generate one of the highest returns on investment for your business. We work in collaboration with our clients to generate long-term business assets that are aesthetically intriguing and intellectually captivating – communication that is succeeded by design.   Budgets are not a constraint but an opportunity to fuel innovation and creativity. We offer affordable creative solutions to many types of businesses. TAKE-OFF! strives to build lasting connections with clients who share our high expectations and continuously partake in creating the 
ultimate creative solution.